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Tesco car insurance

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Are you fed up with changing your car insurance provider every year? Do you want to be sure you're getting a cheap deal - year after year - on your car insurance? You can now insure your car with Tesco - one of the world's best known companies, and they offer insurance as inexpensive as their groceries!

Tesco are a relative newcomer to the insurance market, but they're a heavyweight company with billions of sales (and pounds) behind them, so you can trust Tesco insurance as much as the companies that have been in the insurance market for decades. It's also reassuring to know that you're insured with a company that has a shop just around the corner!

Why get your car insurance from Tesco? Well, they're cheap. Very cheap. And they stay cheap year after year, so you won't have to shop around to save pounds when your insurance comes up for renewal next year. Tesco offers all the standard benefits you'd expect from an insurance provider, but for less. Why pay more for your car insurance?

With Tesco you get up to 15% discount for getting your insurance online, plus discounts for insuring your partner's or children's cars. Plus they give you a no-claims discount if you've been driving a company car or motorbike. You'll also get a 40% discount if you have passed your Pass Plus course.

All in all, Tesco offer really great value insurance - everything you need, for a really low price - and it stays low year after year. That's why we recommend you get an online quote from the Tesco website.

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