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Direct Bikes mopeds/scooters


Are you fed up with queueing in traffic for hours on end every day? Do you want to save money on petrol? Or do you just fancy a bit of fun? Direct Bikes have a range of 50cc and 125cc moped scooters that'll help you save money, say goodbye to waiting in the rush hour, and have a great time while you do it!

Mopeds or scooters are a great way to bypass traffic jams, and are extremely economical to run. And now they're so cheap to buy too, thanks to Direct Bikes - they offer brand-new scooters for ridiculously cheap prices. You can get a shiny new traffic-busting moped for under £500! Yes, new - for under £500!

Direct Bikes offer a range of fantastic scooters, available in a range of colours and engine sizes. The Direct Bikes website makes it easy to order your moped - just select a model, choose a colour, and pay! You do have to pay a delivery charge, which is about £85 for most UK deliveries, but they are still incredibly cheap. Why get a second-hand scooter when you can get a new scooter for these prices!

The reason Direct Bikes are so much cheaper to buy than other bikes is that they cut out the middle man - they make the scooters and sell them directly to you on their website, thus cutting their costs and ensuring that you don't have to pay extra to the showroom salesman!

My favourites Direct Bikes models are the retro scooters (for that classic 'mod' look) and they have some sharp-looking modern mopeds, too. The most popular models and colours sell out quite quickly, so if they've got them in stock, it's a good idea to buy it as soon as you can, rather than put it off, as they may run out and you'll either have to settle for another model or colour, or miss out and be disappointed. The prices also go up at times of peak demand during the year, so if you see the cheapest model for less than £550, you know it's a good time to snap one up quickly!

Did you know that if you passed your car driving test before 2001 you automatically have a licence to drive a 50cc moped? So when you buy one of these little beauties, you can take it out on the road immediately - they're great fun and it's easy to learn how - it's like riding a bike!

The 50cc models are limited to 30mph, which is more than fast enough for getting around the city, or having a bit of fun in the country! If you pass a bike riding test, you are then allowed to get the speed limiter taken off, which will give you an extra 10-20mph. And did you know that you can get around 100mpg from a scooter?

The Direct Bikes website is full of useful information like this for novice riders and aspiring scooter commuters! For example, if you're in London, did you know that you won't have to pay the congestion charge when riding your scooter? For advanced bike riders, Direct Bikes also have a range of 125cc scooters for that bit of extra power, ideal if you travel a lot on A roads or dual carriageways.

If you're bored of sitting in traffic jams, want to have fun and save money (not to mention the environment), visit the Direct Bikes website and buy a scooter today - put some freedom into your life! But be quick - these low offer prices won't last for long!

Go to the website: DIRECT BIKES SCOOTERS - ONLY £499

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Scooters from only £499
Scooters from only £499