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Hastings Direct car insurance

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Are you fed up with seeing the cost of your car insurance rise year after year because your insurance company insures high-risk 'boy racers'? Or perhaps you're looking for classic car insurance? Then the Hasting Direct website is what you're looking for.

Hastings Direct don't accept people who make modifications to their cars, such as body kits, lowered suspension, and non-standard exhausts and wheels. By ruling out high-risk groups, they can keep their prices low and pass the saving on to you.

They also don't allow those with high-risk occupations - professional sports people, actors & actresses, tv/radio broadcasters, models, circus/fairground workers or street traders. Not good news if that list includes you, but great news for the rest of us as it keeps Hasting Direct to keep costs and premiums down.

If you have a classic car, Hasting Direct also have a special policy for you - so if you don't use your car much, you can save on your car insurance. As well as classic car insurance, the Hastings Direct website can also give you online quotes for van, motorbike, home and travel insurance.

Hastings Direct also offer a 10% discount off their standard prices if you get a quote and buy online, so it really is worth getting your insurance on the web with them. With Hastings being such a well-known name (who can forget the tv advert?) you can be confident you're getting value for money.

So for discounted car insurance for low-risk people, we recommend you get a quote from the Hastings Direct website.

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