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Are you looking for a villa holiday in Greece? Then take a look at the Direct Holidays website - they have a great range of villas all over the islands of Greece - in Zante (Zakynthos or Zakinthos), Skiathos, Kefalonia, Rhodes and Lefkada.

And did you know that Direct Holidays is part of the Thomas Cook group of holiday companies? You won't find their brochures in your local travel agent though - because they specialise in selling holidays direct to you, without travel agents. That means they can keep prices low because they don't have to pay a travel agent - so you get the same quality holidays as you'd get at Thomas Cook, but for less! 

So why pay more? Book your holiday online with Direct Holidays and you'll save money on your holiday, wherever you're going. The range of villas they have isn't huge, but it's worth a look if you want a Greek villa holiday, and they're all on stunningly beautiful islands - I keep going back to Greece time and time again because it's so gorgeous, and the weather's so fantastic!

Whichever island you choose, you're going to see some dramatic scenery - in the Ionian islands, Zante (also known as Zakynthos) has its famous shipwreck in a 'Smuggler's Cove' which you'll have seen countless photos of. Kefalonia (also known as Cephallonia) is an lovely unspoilt island made famous by the book Captain Corelli's Mandolin (a must-read when you're there, or watch the film on DVD!)

Lefkada is a lesser-known island in the Ionian islands, ideal for those who want to get away from it all. And Skiathos in the Sporadese islands and Rhodes in the Dodecanese are both famous for their beauty, keeping holidaymakers coming back for more year after year. From Rhodes you can even see Turkey and have a day trip there!

So if you want a villa holiday in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Greece - take a look at the Direct Holidays website and book a relaxing villa holiday with one of the biggest names in travel.

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