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Home Exchange house swap

Home Exchange, first worldwide network since 1997, 29,000 listings in 120 countries

Do you fancy a holiday with a difference? Why not swap your home with someone else - and save on hotel bills! Home Exchange make it easy to look for people with homes around the world that want a holiday by swapping their home for yours for a week or two.

You'd be surprised how many people want to visit where you live - it may just be home to you, but it's quite exotic to others! By looking at the Home Exchange website, you'll also be amazed by the stunning homes in far-flung locations that you can swap yours with. Fancy somewhere with sun and a pool? How about a snowy mountain retreat? The choice on their website is quite phenomenal.

House swaps are a really affordable way to go on holiday, and they're becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the Home Exchange website, you can now browse available homes and advertise yours to millions of people around the globe. Whether you want a long relaxing break or a short city break, there's bound to be someone who wants to swap their home in the place you want to visit - from Cardiff to the Carribbean!

The Home Exchange website is based in the US and lists a great selection of home swaps around the world - why not take a look at homes available where you live and see who's swapping in your area? With the exchange rate as it is at the moment, you may find it's a great time to sign up with them and save some money - not just on hotels, but on membership of their site.

As well as saving money, you'll also find home exchanges a fantastic way to see the local area - as we all know, hotels can be a bit impersonal. And all the questions you're bound to have about safety, cars, insurance and so on are all answered on the Home Exchange website.

Home Exchange can be a cost-effective way to have the holiday of your dreams - have a look at the Home Exchange website and get yourself a cheap and friendly holiday this year!

Home Exchange, first worldwide network since 1997, 29,000 listings in 120 countries

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