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Ducti luggage

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Are you looking for some designer luggage? Ducti have the coolest range of fashionable bags and suitcases on the web - as well as some sharp-looking watches, purses and wallets. With Ducti your fashion sense doesn't have to start and end with your clothes - so why not co-ordinate your travel look and get some funky suitcases for your holidays?

Ducti get their name from their original range of bags, watches and wallets made from the same material as Super Duct Tape - sounds crazy, but it works and it looks great too! Since their humble beginnings, Ducti have grown into other areas, and now have the exclusive UK distribution rights to SEAHAWK luggage, a range of fantastic hard-shell ABS luggage which add fashion to your travel plans.

And Ducti now also have UK distribution rights for bags and luggage made by Australian household name, Caribee. Their bags fit in well with Ducti's accessories - some with writing along tape-like straps and handles - so Ducti let you get a whole new travel look. 

Plus Ducti also stock Shalgø wallets as well - so if it's fashionable bags and accessories you want, just take a look at the huge range on the Ducti website! They have some really good photos, so you can see exactly what you're getting when you order. And just because their bags are made of the same material as industrial tape, it doesn't mean your bag has to - unless you want it to! 

A look at their website will show you how stylish their wallets, bags and watches can be. So for the young and young-at-heart, we recommend a visit to the Ducti website.

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