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Did you, like me, used to get all your electronic equipment from a Dixons shop? Dixons shops may have disappeared from the high street, but they're still around - they've just moved to the internet! 

Dixons are alive and well and now living on the internet! So if you take a look at their website, you'll see their familiar logo and you'll know it's the same trustworthy company you recognise. And the best thing about Dixons being online is that as they no longer have the overheads of all their old high-street shops, they can pass on big savings to you!

The Dixons website is fast gaining a reputation for being the cheap place to buy electronic goods. As they're part of the same retail group as Currys, they have many of the same items - but they're often cheaper, because Dixons are now concentrating on their online shop rather than on-street shops. So if you know what you want and have something it's well worth a look on their website to see if they have what you're looking for - you may well find it cheaper on the Dixons website than in any high-street electrical shop.

And they have a good range of products, too - all the sorts of things that you used to find in their high-street shops are available on their website - but because they don't have the shop space restrictions, they can stock even more products in their online store. Which means more electronic toys, gps sat navs, iPods and MP3 players, musical and DJing equipment, digital turntables and much more!

So whatever gadget you're after, it's well worth a look at the Dixons website - not just for their enormous choice, but for their low prices too.

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