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Grape Vine Social speed dating

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Do you fancy speed dating with a difference? Grape Vine Social combine speed dating with wine tasting for a really fun night out - and it's a really fantastic way to meet fellow wine-drinkers!

If you're a woman, it's a great way to meet more sophisticated men than you might otherwise meet on a night out - and if you're a man, you'll always have a wide choice of more classy women, as Grape Vine Social events are really popular with the ladies and sell out quite quickly - so go to their website quick and book your place to meet lots of women!

The Grape Vine Social website has tips on what to look for in wine and how to taste it - so if you've never been wine tasting before, you'll find all you need to know to get by. Most of their events are in London, but they do also have wine tasting events in major cities around the country, so if you're not in London it's worth a visit to their website to see if they have an event near you.

Grape Vine Social wine tasting events are a bit different to your usual one-to-one speed dating events - you meet people in groups, so it's more sociable and you get to meet more people - all the details about what to expect are on their website in the FAQ section. It's such a fun night out, they've even started doing ladies nights, so girls can hang out and taste wine together just for the fun of it!

So if wine's your drink of choice, go to the Grape Vine Social website and book your place on a really fun night out!

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