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Lovestruck internet dating

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Do you have a busy city lifestyle and want to meet people near where you work? Lovestruck is an innovative way to meet people in your lunch break or after work if you're pressed for time and live in one of the UK's major cities.

At the time of writing, if you live in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Dublin, the Lovestruck website lets you search for people who work near your workplace - so you can meet up for a quick drink or meal in your spare time. They aim to expand the service into other cities too, so it's worth checking out their website to see if they've added yours yet. 

And one of the biggest attractions for you to join Lovestruck is that in some cities - for a limited time only - it's completely and utterly free! And in other cities, you can still search through the members for free before you decide on full membership. So why not have a look at the Lovestruck website to see if your city's free?

If you live in London, you just enter the name of the tube station nearest your workplace, and the smart Lovestruck website lists people who want a date who also work in that area. In other cities, you select the landmark nearest where you work and it works in the same way. It's a really clever idea and is getting rave reviews in the national papers - why hasn't anyone thought of it before?

With the ability to see people who are either free for lunch or free that evening, Lovestruck is a fantastic way to meet people near you, and as some cities are completely free, it really is worth a visit to the Lovestruck website.

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